Budgeting For Travel

One Trip, One Budget, How Did It Work Out?

Stefani Vader
6 min readOct 1, 2023
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Doing The Research

My husband and I had talked about taking a trip back to Tennessee for years, but the years ticked by and we never went. Last Christmas, I decided I was going to make it happen.

We don’t ever go anywhere together. It can be expensive and it seems as though money is always tight so traveling was never put onto the priority list. By prioritizing this trip, I made sure that we had the money before we left, and we wouldn’t come back worried about how we were going to pay the trip off.

It all started with doing some research.

I Googled fun activities to do in Tennessee and also waterfalls. If we were going to spend a bunch of money, I wanted to make sure I got to see a waterfall, and that together we could create some memories we’d never forget. We weren’t set on a specific area of Tennessee, so there was a lot of different places to look into. One of the places that intrigued me was Fall Creek Falls.

Fall Creek Falls has one of the tallest waterfalls on the east side of the United States. It measures at 256 feet high. I love waterfalls so I dug in to the area to see what else there was.



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