Interesting Writing Podcasts

Stefani Vader
2 min readAug 10, 2021

Lately I’ve been looking for some self-publishing podcasts to listen to. I’m hoping to publish my first short story in October, and don’t want to waste any free time I might have.

Two hours a day, five days a week, I spend time sitting behind the wheel driving to and from work. What better way to pass the time than to learn something new about what I’m working on?

It hasn’t been easy though. I’ve gone through several different podcasts and have found a few that make my drive much more interesting.

So far my favorite one is called Alone in a Room with Invisible People.

They cover a huge variety of writing topics and have exercises that you can do yourself. I haven’t dug into them yet, but plan to when my life slows down a bit. For me, it sparks new ideas and makes me want to dive into stories deeper.

The second one I’ve enjoyed is

This one has been more informative for me on a slightly more technical level. He covers different topics such as Mailerlite vs. Mailchimp and tips on Wordpress and other platforms. It’s also been interesting following his personal writing business journey.

The last one I’ll mention is The Self Publishing Show.

There have been a lot of their interviews that have captivated me and encouraged me. It’s given me different ideas on how to market things once I get them published.

There are so many more out there and I will be digging into different ones to find some more that I enjoy.

Please, if you listen to writing podcasts, and have one that you enjoy, let me know! Ten hours a week I have nothing to do but listen to the radio or podcasts so I would love to try some new ones out.

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