January Side Hustle/Passive Income

Counting How Much I Made

Stefani Vader


Photo by Hester Qiang on Unsplash

As much as I would love to report that I raked in the cash for the month of January, that was not the case. I’m not disappointed though. Could I have done better? Always. This isn’t a sprint though, it’s a marathon.

Side Hustle: Medium

In December I didn’t write a single word. My goal for January was to write every day, which I failed at miserably. Overall though I’m proud of myself. I did manage to write seven days, and I posted six articles on Medium. I knew that not being consistent was going to hurt me, but the fact that I at least got started moves me a step forward. How much did I manage to scrape in?


Passive Income #1: Savings Account Interest

Towards the end of last year I opened up an online high-yield savings account. I’ve been doing my best to each month move a chunk of money from my local bank into the high-yield account. By doing this, I managed to make about 300% what I would have if I hadn’t. How much in interest did I earn?


Passive Income #2: Brave

On my computer at home, I try to use the Brave browser as much as I can. By doing so, it pops up ads every once in a while that you can either click on to see, or X out of. Those generated ads earn you BAT tokens. The days I actually sat down to write I got those ads. The other days when my computer wasn’t used, I did not. How much did I earn?

1.325 BAT (which equals roughly $.37)

Passive Income #3: Dividends on Robinhood

Back in November I started investing in dividend stocks. I didn’t throw huge chunks of money at it, but I picked about a dozen, and each month would invest a few dollars into each one. Some pay out their dividends quarterly, and some pay out monthly. January happens to be a month when several of the quarterly-paying ones pay out. How much did I make?



For the month of January, I managed to scrape together $.89 per day for a total of $27.64. That’s not a lot, but in a sense, it’s almost all free money that I didn’t have to really work for (besides Medium).



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