Making Coasters

Stefani Vader
2 min readAug 2, 2022
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My husband and I recently bought a laser engraver/cutter. Although it was a bit pricy, it was our anniversary/birthday/Christmas present to each other for the year. Every day we spend some time testing different material and trying new projects.

This week we’ve been messing around with making tile coasters.

The great thing about making tile coasters is the cost of material. Each tile cost about $.13 and the backing another $.16 for the backing. If we were to sell the sets for $15, that’s a $14.71 profit for us.

I made a goal of being able to quit my job by June 1st, 2024. This is the first step to make that dream happen.

There are other ones that we are working on as well.

photo by author

The acrylic paint pouring tiles I’m doing will cost a bit more. There’s an added cost for the paint as well as the resin used to coat it with. Even with those costs added though the profit margin is great.

We practiced on some slate coasters and I think those turned out well.

photo by author

These ones we personalized for a Christmas present for my sister and her husband. The slate is more expensive than the tile and costs about $1.75 per tile. The profit margin on these will be much lower at about $7, but they look a lot classier than the tiles.

The next one we are going to try will be wood. We have a 4x4 that we will cut, sand, and stain. I can’t wait to see how those ones turn out!

The ideas of projects we want to do is endless. One thing at a time though, right?

The fact that we are making this first step toward my end goal is exciting. Every day we are going to work on something to move forward and I can’t wait to see where it leads us.

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