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My husband is gone.

Not gone gone. Just not right here. Even though it’s only been a few hours, and although I know we will be together again in a couple of weeks, there’s a feeling of emptiness inside me right now.

I’m not going to lie. I’m seriously looking forward to sleeping diagonally in bed tonight. But, in the morning when I reach out and feel the cool sheet under my hand instead of his warm body? I’m dreading that.

I miss the sense of security I feel when he’s around. Knowing that he would stand between me and any danger that comes my way without giving the situation a second thought always makes me feel safe. Every sound at night will keep me up.

For the next two weeks, there will be no one here to give me a hug at night before bed; ending my day with peace no matter how crazy things may be.

For the next two weeks, he will not be here. With me. A phone call away? Absolutely, but it’s not the same.

You always hear the saying “so-and-so completes me.”

I am a complete person. I don’t need someone to ‘complete’ me.

He is my partner, my friend, my lover. He is my security, my ego-booster, my comedian.

He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me cry.

He is my love, and he is missed.

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