New Year, New Goals

Stefani Vader
5 min readJan 2
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Every time a new year rolls around there’s a part of me that gets so excited. A new year means a fresh start for me. I can look back at the past year and know it’s behind me. Sometimes looking back I’m pleased with my progress. Other times there were heartaches, stresses, and tribulations that I can reflect on, brush my hands off figuratively, and move forward.

For the past ten years I have stopped making ‘resolutions’, and instead made yearly goals. To me the word resolution is strict and unwavering. If I were to make a resolution, and in the first week of the year stumble, then I always felt like I was done. With goals, I can work towards them and change them as I see fit.

Making Goals

When I sit down to make my goals, first I have to look back on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? Was there something that held me back? What do I need to change in order to hopefully hit those goals?

Last year I did okay. I didn’t hit all my goals, but I did move forward in certain categories.

My main goals last year were:

Write every day

Increase the amount of side hustle income each month

Cook more meals so I eat better and save money

Pick one project a month to try out

Harvest more out of the garden so I can start canning.

How did I do? For the most part I failed miserably. But, I’m actually pleased with my progress. What I did do, is try my best to work towards those goals and not quit, and I didn’t.

The garden was a bust, but it was things out of my control. No matter what I did, the garden struggled this year. We did manage to get quite a bit of squash, some tomatoes, and a bunch of berries. I was able to can enough jam to get us through an entire year.

I was not able to start a new project every month, but I did do several. I made acrylic coasters, slate coasters, and a couple of holiday signs. I’m calling that a win since in the past I haven’t done anything.

The cooking was hit and miss. But, it’s a win because by the end of the year, we’ve nailed down where our struggles are and what works for us. I know that I need to once a week make three big batches…

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