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I consider myself a smart individual. Even throughout school, I got almost straight A’s. But, when I look back, there are a few instances where I want to give myself a forehead slap.

Park and Ride

You know when you’re driving, and you see a sign for a turn off that says “Park and Ride”?

Well, guess what? I always looked around for an amusement park, or any type of ride that you could go on. I thought it was so strange that they would put signs up, but you could never see any rides.


Now, as a full grown adult, I know what the sign means. Why couldn’t the sign just say “Ride-share parking lot”. To me, that would make a lot more sense. Still, to this day, a sense of disappointment hits me every single time I see those stupid signs.

Radar Enforced

As a kid riding in the backseat of a car on long drives, there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself occupied. You stare out the window and read the signs you pass by.

One of those kept my attention for minutes at a time.

Speed is radar enforced.

When I saw those signs, my eyes were always peeled toward the sky, searching for a plane that would be emitting some sort of radar to see if we were speeding.

It made me wonder, who paid for those planes, and how did the radar force you to maintain the correct speed? Did they somehow magically slow down your car if you were speeding?

Now as an adult, I see those signs as ridiculous. I know now what they mean by ‘radar enforced’, but, really? How else would they be able to calculate your speed unless they timed how long it took you to travel one mile? How much is it costing the government to make those signs, distribute them, and install them?

And whose brilliant idea was it? If they wanted to remind people not to speed, the sign should just say, don’t speed or you’ll get a ticket. And, if drivers are not aware of that, they shouldn’t be driving, right? So what is the point of any sign besides the speed limit sign?

So, those are a couple examples of the way my brain works.

Is there something that once boggled your mind as a child that now as an adult makes you go, “Duh!”?

I’d love to hear about it so I know I’m not alone in this… or am I?

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Lover of reading and writing. Hater of retail work. Small fish in a big pond, learning as I go.

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