The Last Warm Days

Enjoying The Now Instead Of Worrying About Tomorrow

Stefani Vader


Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

I put a sweatshirt on for the first time the other night and actually shivered.

Now, I know for the most part, people who are reading this have been feeling the chill of the changing seasons for a little while. I live down south where normally I don’t feel this chill until the first week of November.

So, as I shivered I realized that dread was filling me. It’s only halfway through October which means the garden season this year will be shorter, and the cold weather will be here for longer.

I didn’t move to the south to be cold. I don’t like cold weather and I don’t like shivering. If I had my way, the days would be around 85 and the nights would get no colder than 70. I hate when I see the lows dipping down into the low sixties or even high fifties. Brrr.

Then I started running through the lists of what I had wanted to get accomplished during the season that still needed to be checked off. There were so many things and disappointment started filling me.

Right then, my husband came outside and handed me a steaming cup of hot tea before sitting next to me.

“The oranges are starting to ripen.”

That was all it took to slap me in the face. Here I was discouraged and disappointed and dreading the next season when I should be here participating in the greatness of the ‘now’ season.

Now, the oranges are ripening and soon will be ready to come into the house and eaten.

Now, the heat of the day is not so tiring and leads to the perfect weather for a bonfire with your loved ones at night.

Now, the power bill can go down since the air conditioner will be going off. Windows can be opened and fresh air can flood the house.

Now, new goals for the new season can be made and started on. The projects from the last season can be added to this list and become part of the now instead of an unfinished item from the past.

Now, instead of sitting inside out of the heat, I sit outside sipping my herbal tea (made with leaves that came out of my garden) with my husband.

Now is a time to be appreciated and valued. If you are so worried about the tomorrows, you won’t enjoy today. If you’re not actively participating in each moment of your life, you are truly missing out.



Stefani Vader

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