Week 1 Of 2022 Is Over

What Did I Accomplish?

Stefani Vader


Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

Well so far my year of productivity is off to a rocky start, but I still managed to get a lot done. Now that the first week is over, it’s time to look back at my weekly goals and see how I did.

For week 1, my main goal was to write 7,000 words. I didn’t even come close to this. I did manage to write 2,755 words. Not even half. Part of that was because I had several days fighting vertigo where I literally could not look at a computer screen, and then several days where my husband took over my desk with his projects. I did, however, write the four Medium posts I wanted to. But, none of those were posts that were submitted to any publications. I had originally wanted to submit at least one a week.

My other main objective was to get editing my Vella book and get at least two episodes posted. I didn’t get to work on this at all.

Sounds like a rough start, right?

The weather has been beautiful. I didn’t want to waste that, and on the days I couldn’t write, I spent time outside getting chores and projects done. One of my goals was to get my rosemary and hibiscus transplanted. I restrung the fence out front and got that done. On top of that, my husband and I cut down about twenty trees and cleared an area about a third of an acre. This was a huge accomplishment.

Next are my side projects. This is anything that will help earn a different stream of income. As the days grow longer, the amount of eggs we will be getting will also increase. I need to find people to buy the eggs, so I had my husband make me a yard sign.

photo by author

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is. It’s the first step in taking what I’m working towards seriously. I love how supportive my husband is in all of my endeavors.

I’ve also taken a look at the FOAP missions, and will be submitting at least one photo to one of them this month. I keep them in mind when I’m out and about so that if I see something that will fit one of the mission objectives I can stop and take a picture.



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