Digging Into My Main Character’s Mind

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This journal entry comes from my main character in my new novel, Cecilia Thompson, before the beginning of the novel. It was kind of fun to get in her head and write down what she was thinking before she made the decision to go search for her long-lost family.


I think I’m losing my mind!

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Insomnia sucks.

I’m exhausted. My legs are rubbery, ready to give out at any time. I want to just collapse to the ground and cry. Yet, that takes energy that I do not have.

People at work speak to me. I watch as their mouth moves and they make hand…

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Every holiday in my house while growing up was steeped in traditions. Looking back, I loved those traditions and knew exactly what to expect every year.

Once I started my own family, those traditions changed, yet I wish they never did.

Every Thanksgiving my aunts, uncles, and cousins would fill…

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Since it’s the beginning of November, it’s time for the obligatory “How I Did on Medium” post.

Let’s get real.

October for me sucked.

My total for the month was only $14.70.

I would normally be okay with that, except for two things.

  1. I only wrote 14 posts.
  2. $5.60 of…

Stefani Vader

Lover of reading and writing. Hater of retail work. Small fish in a big pond, learning as I go.

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